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Hi! I'm Melissa Holtz --known as Melisine-- a photographer and drone photographer specializing in travel, fitness, and wellness. 

I create light-infused images that call to mind strength, spirit, and timeless beauty. 

I love to work creatively with influencers and brands including Adidas, Samsung, Wanderlust, The Wing, Mandarin Oriental, and Four Seasons.  

For every project, be it a brand or a person, I take a high-level, but intimate approach, by understanding your big-picture goals and discovering what is bright and beautiful about who you are and what you do.

We begin with a one-on-one coaching session that illuminates your dreams, vision, purpose, and innate confidence.

Using what we discover, we’ll begin to craft your images in a way that feels authentically you, and reflects the spirit and soul of what you offer.

Together we'll plan creative aspects of your shoot, with my step-by-step support in lighting, locations, poses, movement, wardrobe, and more, to alchemize your vision. 

My goal is to celebrate you, and beautifully capture not only your image, but also your authentic visual voice and essence.


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Instagram - @melisinestudio

Pinterest -  melisinestudio

My current favorite photography equipment:

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