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I'm Melissa Holtz - known as Melisine - and I'm a photographer and drone photographer specializing in travel, fitness, and wellness.  

I love to work creatively with influencers, athletes, and brands including Adidas, Samsung, Wanderlust, The Wing, Mandarin Oriental, and Four Seasons. 


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"Melissa is an incredible photographer who knows exactly how to capture a mood and has a wonderful eye for detail. She has gone above and beyond in providing photos of our annual conference (the Women's Travel Fest) that stun, and we've used them online to great success. I would highly recommend working with her to capture beautiful, creative photos for your next project or idea. She has a way of making women feel relaxed and confident in photos, with a friendly energy that adds to the camaraderie of any event."

- Kelly Lewis, Founder of Women's Travel Fest 

"Working with Melissa is such an incredible experience, she does an amazing job creating community, making you feel comfortable and creating the right environment for a shoot. I love being able to be included in the collection of work that Melissa creates, highlighting women in the outdoors and specifically creating images that reflect the world I know and live in, but often don't see represented in mainstream media. She has a great eye and is able to assure personalities come through in the work, hope to collaborate again in the future!"

- Faith Briggs, Columbia Sportwear Ambassador

"I am so pleased to recommend Melissa, an incredible photographer. Mel has a unique eye for capturing women's performance in the urban setting and she was also someone that the women in our collective trusted to portray them in the highest manner of respect. Because of this trust, women were able to be truly vulnerable around her, making the process feel authentic. I love Mel's work and I love Mel!"

- Jessie Zapo, Adidas Women global ambassador and Coach of Adidas Runners New York

Melissa is amazing at her craft!

I’ve been waiting YEARS for pictures this amazing (even thought I’ve had handfuls of shoots with others photographers).

These are HANDS DOWN my favorite shots and I can finally feel good about the image I put forward to represent my business.

- Kristen Boyer, Wellness Entrepreneur & Shamantic Practitioner

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